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Bridge Loans Explained: How CRE Investors are Utilizing Bridge Loans 

A bridge loan is a financial transaction often used in commercial real estate when buying a new property before another one has been sold. Ideally, the proceeds from one sale would be applied toward the purchase of another property, but... Read More

Tips for Selecting the Right Unsecured Business Line of Credit for your Business

Having a business line of credit is imperative for a company, whatever the size, old or new. It allows you to survive during slow periods, giving you access to cash when you need it most, at a competitive rate. Unsecured... Read More

How to Effectively Manage your Time to Increase Productivity

How many times in a day do you say, “I just don’t have the time”? Most of us claim that we never have enough time in the day to get everything done that we want and need to. We feel... Read More

Does your Office Environment Impact your Employees?

Ideally, our office environment should be as comfortable as possible, given the amount of time we stay there during the day. Unfortunately, some workplace designers don’t always include “employee comfort and satisfaction” in a building’s design and aesthetics, which is... Read More