Monthly Archives: June 2018

5 Traits to Look for in a Potential Business Partner

There are plenty of guides out there for singles to find a partner, and keep him or her around. Generally, people are supposed to find someone compatible but complementary, someone you never get terribly annoyed with, and still like them... Read More

Have You Considered Alternative Financing for Your Small Business?

For many small businesses, traditional lenders simply cannot provide the kind of immediate assistance needed when cash flow slows to a crawl, or when business opportunities suddenly pop up, and require an immediate investment. Alternative financing can work much more... Read More

Try These Tips to Improve Your Company’s Customer Service

Good customer service goes several steps beyond delivering products or providing services to offering lasting satisfaction, which leads to repeat clients and even referrals. The best and most enduring businesses get to know their customers and derive pleasure in seeing... Read More

Building a Better Business Credit Score

A healthy business credit score is integral to securing trade credit and financing to help companies grow. If vendors, suppliers, and financial institutions are offering you less than satisfactory terms, consider ways of improving your score to make your business... Read More