Monthly Archives: July 2018

Employee Retention: How to Do it Right

Hiring and on boarding a new employee is a big investment, which you can protect with solid employee retention strategies. Use this guide to inspire your continuing campaign for winning employee loyalty. Honest Employee Retention Efforts Inspire Loyalty: Build Strong,... Read More

An Overview of Purchase Order Financing

Not every business begins with good credit or a stable financial foundation. The company may not be able to finance the start of production when they receive a purchase order from a client. This can delay production until the client... Read More

3 Ways to Improve Business Growth Today

Most business owners start out with big dreams, many even have goals for exponential growth. Yet despite all that passion, energy and optimism, most will be out of business within a decade and less than half will even make it... Read More

Securing a Stated-Income Loan for Your Business

Most borrowers are familiar with a qualified mortgage (QM) loan requiring them to undergo a difficult approval process based on credit scores and extensive income documentation. The stated-income loan is an alternative option for business owners who don’t have the... Read More