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Franchise Discovery Events May Help You Get a Business Going

Should you go to a franchise discovery event? There’s so much information you can find online that this type of event may seem superfluous, a waste of your valuable time. But a well-planned franchise discovery event is a good way... Read More

The Best Way to Finance a Hotel

Hotel financing is not one of the most common business propositions in the world, but it’s extremely important to at least a narrow segment of entrepreneurs, for whom it may be the entire focus of their business. Here are some... Read More

How to Avoid Small Business Mistakes

It’s very easy to make business financing mistakes as a small business, and unlike with larger corporations, it’s much harder to recover from those errors. Here are some of the biggest business financing mistakes commonly made by small business owners.... Read More

Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Productivity Tips

Sometimes even the most successful entrepreneurs feel that they are just working too hard and investing too many hours, for too little return. In most cases, this is a simple matter of not using your time most effectively, so that... Read More