There’s always going to be work to keep employees occupied, but there’s a difference between important things to do and busy work.

Certainly, routine tasks do need to be done to keep the office functioning, such as filing, invoices,  and general organization.

At the same time, these tasks drop in priority when there are bigger projects that need yattention, or perhaps delegated to an admin team.

But beyond occasionally drowning in paperwork or its digital equivalents, there are other challenges for companies that want to make good use of resources. Looking for useful productivity tips is vital to a company striving to always be efficient.

This can be useful internally, where everyone feels like they’re doing their part, and it can be useful externally, where customers or clients potentially could be impressed by how everyone works well. Who knows? They may even bring some of these productivity tips back to their own teams.

Try some of these strategies to seek improvements either individually or as a group.

Turn off notifications. Our phones and computers are designed to interrupt us with various tones and windows that pop up. This regular stimulus can be exciting if we have nothing better to do. But if one of our productivity tips is to focus better, that means tuning out these distractions. Even if we are addicted, we can at least put the phone aside for a certain amount of time to force ourselves to ignore its message.

Control sound. Some good tunes can get you pumped to push yourself harder, block background noise or even soothe some anxieties. But various studies have shown that music with words, whether it’s lyrics you know by heart or new lyrics to a new song, can actually be distracting. Your mind might try paying attention to what is being sung vs. whatever problem you’re working on.

Limit meetings. Look for ways to cut meeting times or even meetings themselves. This can include conferring by email or even a few team members having an informal ‘stand-up’ check-in.

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