One of the key factors in business productivity is a healthy and safe office environment. This means a place where employees are not only physically at ease, but also surroundings that promote an atmosphere of psychological contentment. Here are some ways to ensure a comfortable and productive office environment.

Ensure Physical Comfort

Every member of your team needs an individual workspace that’s large enough so they don’t feel cramped, has all the equipment and supplies that they need, and is close enough to other team members for easy communication. There should also be common areas with whiteboards where they can get together to brainstorm. Sitting for long stretches of time is unhealthy, so consider acquiring units that perch on standard desks that convert them into standing desks. This allows your employees to opt for a healthy balance of sitting and standing while they work. Another necessity in a healthy office environment is clean air. To avoid unpleasant allergic reactions to chemicals in carpeting, paint, and other office fixtures, position air purifiers throughout the workspace.

Create a Pleasant Ambiance

Leafy green plants in the office improve air quality, have attractive appearances, and evoke a mood of peacefulness and good cheer. Additionally, studies indicate that shades of green promote calmness and creativity, so either paint the office walls a pleasant green color or select some predominantly green wall art and decorations for desktops.

Encourage Efficient Teamwork

For an office environment that promotes psychological well-being, encourage good communication among the members of your work team. Use video conferencing to bring together physically isolated employees. Start meetings with some informal conversation centered on establishing personal connections. When work becomes tedious, treat your team to rewards to keep up morale such as lunch or coffee breaks outside. Don’t be concerned if some conflict erupts in your team from time to time as long as it remains on a friendly basis. Sometimes differences of opinion give rise to truly original ideas.

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