Most business owners start out with big dreams, many even have goals for exponential growth. Yet despite all that passion, energy and optimism, most will be out of business within a decade and less than half will even make it for 5 years. Careful planning can help you beat those sobering odds, however. Business growth and longevity are rarely accidental. In order to sustain growth, careful strategic planning is necessary. Follow our top 3 tips to fuel and sustain your business growth.

Keep your unique selling proposition and key audience in mind

Successful businesses that survive in competitive markets have qualities that set them apart from their competition. Keep your eye on the competition, identify your key difference, develop it and promote it. Learn about and continually monitor your ideal customer. Watch for new problems you can solve for them and ways to make their lives easier. Keep tabs on who they are, what they care about and value, and monitor the trends that impact them, etc.

Evaluate and perfect business strategies

Find out what’s working and repeat it, Keep refining all aspects of your products/services, customer care and more. Look at all your analytics, conduct A/B testing, gather customer feedback. Measure everything and respond quickly to what you find. This allows you to allocate resources wisely to keep your business growing.

Keep your financial picture in focus

Maintain your credit worthiness, so that you’re poised to take advantage of opportunities for business growth when they come along. Today, you’ll typically need to act quickly (yet wisely, never gloss over your due diligence). Keep liquid funds on hand or make sure you’re credit worthy so that you have financial options open to expand and enjoy long term business success.

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