There are plenty of guides out there for singles to find a partner, and keep him or her around.

Generally, people are supposed to find someone compatible but complementary, someone you never get terribly annoyed with, and still like them at their best and worst.

Similar criteria is suggested for people seeking business partners: don’t settle on someone average, but keep on looking until you find someone who you feel comfortable with – and the feeling is mutual. Because odds are you’ll need their skills and support and need to support them as well. If you’re not feeling these things at the get-go, it might be a reason to keep looking.

Try these strategies for discovering a business partner in it for the long haul:

Seek someone “not you”

While it could be fun to work with someone just like you, it may be productive for the bigger picture to have someone with different skills, and experiences, provided your personalities can mesh well.

Listen to your head and your heart

Though someone may look good on paper, you may not feel compatible. The opposite is also true. Find someone who impresses you with their skills plus a personality you get along with.

Start with people you already know

You may trust a past co-worker or classmate more than others in your life, since you’ve spent formative time with them and may have seen how they perform in different conditions.

Use some “dating” rules

Have different experiences together so you can get to know them. Be ready to “see someone else” if you don’t like things about someone. Don’t rush into anything either.

Observe and interact in different settings

Though someone may be calm and collected during the project planning process, they may not handle stress well. Or change. Or decisions. Or confrontations. Or leadership. Even though everyone brings different skills to the table, it’s important to preview several of prospective partners before fully committing.

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