Hiring and on boarding a new employee is a big investment, which you can protect with solid employee retention strategies. Use this guide to inspire your continuing campaign for winning employee loyalty.

Honest Employee Retention Efforts Inspire Loyalty: Build Strong, Mutually Beneficial Relationships with Employees

The basic premise of retaining employees is showing that you value their contributions, whether or not you’re offering the highest salary in your market. Successful employee retention is about how you make your employees feel about working for your company, and coming in every day. Send signals that you value your staff, or you may not get the employees’ best work. To earn loyalty, appeal to the same human qualities that you would to maintain a great friendship. Show openness, be fair, value the thoughts and opinions of your workers to create a comfortable environment, filled with positive energy. Specific retention tactics:

Set goals and share your company vision

You must hold employees accountable—but let them understand why their work-a-day goals are important to the company’s overall success and its mission. Humans are motivated when working together towards a shared goal.

Be open and seek out opinions

It shows respect when you ask for your staff’s opinion and make it easy for them to offer feedback/suggestions–about small and large topics in the workplace.

Be flexible

Think “why not?” when employees ask for unique working hours or request to work from home on certain days—this may not be practical for certain roles. However, listen to how the employee might make it work. Don’t be closed to these new ideas. Think them through or try them, then openly evaluate whether the new process works.

Invest in staff members

Provide professional development, allowing employees to gain skills/experience and to use their expertise to the fullest. Enhanced skills should be good for your company, and development activities show altruism—they convey that you care about your employees’ future. In turn, valuable team members show loyalty and are invested in the company’s success.

Keep on pitching

People want to be on a winning team, so make sure they know about company successes and unique value proposition.

Employee retention is both key to attaining, and a reward for achieving, success. At Skybridge Capital Group, we exist to help you build and grow your company. Contact us today.