Accounts Receivable Financing

Benefit From Account Based Financing

Though billing periods help build customer loyalty, they don’t always provide you with the cash flow you need. To ensure consistent funding, consider financing receivables. At SkyBridge Capital and Marketing Group, our experts can assist you with accounts receivable financing, securing the cash flow you need to continue growing.

Convenient Financing Terms and Benefits

Our accounts receivable products offer a variety of benefits for businesses of all sizes, including startups. In addition to flexible spending power, you can also receive:

  • Credit insurance for your clients
  • No personal recourse
  • Increased funding with greater sales
  • Additional financing for large orders
  • No monthly payments

Because accounts receivable financing is based on your clients’ credit, not your own, you eliminate much of the risk associated with traditional financing opportunities. Instead, for a fraction of your profits, you receive the cash sooner, allowing you to fund growth investments or cover additional expenses. Any growing business needs the flexibility to cover large, unexpected costs. When you need funding fast, the experts at SkyBridge Capital and Marketing Group can help.

To find out more information about financing receivables, contact one of our representatives today. Schedule a free, no obligation consultation and discover the financial solutions that can help your business achieve its full potential.