Commercial Real Estate Financing

Finance Your Next Real Estate Investment

When your business wants to take the next step toward growth, traditional lenders are often too little too late. The commercial real estate market moves quickly and opportunities are fleeting. You need experienced financial experts in your corner to help you secure the funds you need quickly. At SkyBridge Capital and Marketing Group, our commercial real estate financing product portfolio includes tailored lending options for businesses of all sizes.

Diverse Product Portfolio

At SkyBridge Capital, we can offer a variety of commercial real estate opportunities depending on your financial situation and time constraints. Along with our conventional loan structures for investment and owner-operated properties, we also provide specialized services, including:

  • Bridge Loans – Secure fast funding with high LTV ratios. When you need the funds to act fast, bridge or hard money loans offer a quick solution with short terms and variable interest rates.
  • Equity Financing – If your business is in good standing, we can secure high-value loans based on your equity. Mezzanine financing lets you source capital quickly and affordably, with loans up to $100,000,000.
  • FHA Lending – If your firm is building public housing or senior living homes, you may be eligible for more favorable FHA rates. We can help you through the process.
  • International Lending – We have an extensive network of backers throughout Europe and Asia. If you need to finance a real estate venture overseas, we can help you get more funds at better rates.
  • Construction Financing – Get the funds you need to bring your new property to life. We can fund construction projects up to $100,000,000 when backed with equity.
  • Hotel Financing – We can help your hotel business take advantage of discounted rates and longer terms through SBA 7a and 504 loans.

Don’t wait to start your next commercial real estate project. Contact the financial professionals at SkyBridge Capital and Marketing Group for a free, no obligation consultation.