Consumer Finance

Offer Credit to Your Customers

Consumer financing can help build customer loyalty while increasing your sales. The SkyBridge Capital and Marketing Group assists businesses establish their own line of credit, complete with support services. In launching your own credit card program, you can reach new customers and hold onto old ones with fast, convenient approval processes, manageable interest rates and secure financial services.

Generate Consumer Loyalty

In offering a line of credit, you provide a comprehensive financial service that helps maintain customer retention. In addition to high credit limits and approval rates, our consumer finance plans also offer a variety of benefits for both your business and your clients, including:

  • Access to revolving credit lines
  • Fast application and approval process
  • Easy monthly installments
  • Variable interest rates
  • Secure financial transactions
  • Financial services and support

When you let SkyBridge Capital assist you with consumer financing, you eliminate the risk of bad debt collection. We bear the responsibilities of collection and debt management. Plus, we also offer extensive training solutions to help implement your new credit services quickly and efficiently.

Discover how consumer financing can help your business thrive. Contact our financial experts at SkyBridge Capital and Marketing Group to schedule a free consultation and learn how our extensive product portfolio can help your business achieve its financial and investment goals.