Equipment Financing

Fund Working Capital Investments With Little Money Down

Major investments such as heavy equipment purchases and software redevelopment require capital that most new and growing businesses do not have on hand. At SkyBridge Capital and Marketing Group, we provide equipment financing and equipment leasing to help achieve your business goals. Our network of lenders can help use secure up to $500,000 for middle-market businesses to use toward large ticket expenses. Additionally, you can lease equipment and avoid the threat of obsolescence, keeping your overhead costs low.

Equipment Financing Plans

At SkyBridge Capital, you have a number of financing options available, including:

  • Sale and Lease Back – We purchase your existing working capital and lease it back to you over a set term. Once the lease is paid off, you own the equipment again. This provides your business with additional cash flow with consistent monthly payments.
  • Government and Municipal Leases – We are able to extend gaurateed approval for all government and municipal loans. Qualifying entities include state and federal services, armed forces, emergency services and schools.
  • 84-Month Low Rate Financing Terms – Our conventional equipment financing plans include competitively low interest rates and terms as long as 84 months with little or no money down. No financial statements are required for financing under $150,000. Get approved in as little as 24 hours.
  • B, C and D Credit Programs – If your financial standing is less than optimal, we have a series of financing options catered to high-risk borrowers. Use this financing to help rebuild credit and get your business back on track.

Benefits of Leasing

Instead of investing in new equipment every few years, consider leasing. Equipment leasing allows businesses to have the latest technology with easy monthly payments. Renew your lease every few years to upgrade to improved working capital without cutting into the bottom line.

To find out more about equipment financing plans, speak with a financial expert at SkyBridge Capital and Marketing Group today.