Purchase Order Financing

Expanding Your Growing Business With Purchase Order Financing

As a small business owner, your primary goal is to grow your business and make it more successful. Rapid expansion is wonderful, although it comes with one drawback. Businesses that are growing quickly may eventually receive a client whose needs are simply bigger than you can fulfill. This happens so frequently, you may have already encountered it. You may think your only option is to turn your new client away. Instead of gaining nothing from your client’s interest, take advantage of purchase order financing to grow your business further. The benefits include:

  • Improving your market share
  • Avoiding bad reputation
  • Losing no equity
  • Avoiding accumulating debt
  • Short approval and processing time

SkyBridge Capital and Marketing Group is committed to helping your small business as much as possible.

How Purchase Order Financing Works

The first thing that happens when you are approved for purchase order financing is you receive the capital you need to meet your client’s needs. You are free to fill the order to the best of your ability. Afterward, when it is time for your client to pay, we collect the invoice instead and leave the profits to you. This has the added benefit of making it essentially impossible to accumulate debt. Turn to SkyBridge Capital and Marketing Group for the financing you need to thrive.