Many employees consider meetings to be distractions that impede productivity. However, sometimes getting together with staff is crucial for company planning and projections. Try these tips to help make meetings at your business an agreeable part of your office environment.

Limit the Participants

It’s not necessary to bog down the proceedings by inviting everyone to each meeting, but at the same time you want to be sure that all crucial personnel are in attendance. To avoid either extreme, have the participant list include those who need to take active part in discussions, and communicate the results afterwards to others who need to know.

Prepare Ahead

Send an invitation to each meeting that includes a title, an agenda of discussion topics, and copies of any relevant reports or other documentation. This will prevent the need for lengthy introductions in the beginning, save time in explanations, and allow attendees to get right to the point.

Be on Time

Help meeting participants arrive on time by sending out calendar reminders. If necessary, just before the meeting have someone phone the attendees or even gather them up. If anyone is tardy, instead of pausing the meeting and recapping, appoint a person to update them when the meeting is over.

Have a Chairperson

An office environment often includes argumentative or dominant individuals who become pushy about making their points. To avoid the disruption these people can cause and encourage quieter attendees to express their opinions, have a chairperson oversee the meeting and keep it under control.

Summarize Your Points

It’s important that information on unresolved points raised or actions agreed upon at your meetings be made available to relevant personnel. However, instead of distributing the entire meeting minutes, summarize the topics discussed, actions and deadlines you have decided upon, and the employees responsible for carrying them out, and send this shorter document around.

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