Countless studies have been conducted with the objective of determining what kind of individuals it would take to build the perfect team, and this is obviously very important to businessmen, because much of the most important work done in business must be accomplished through teamwork. There is still much debate about the subject because of its importance to so many aspects of life and the workplace, but something of a consensus has been arrived at by experts for how to build successful business teams.

Skills and personalities

In order to consider the most useful attributes that team members can bring to a group, it is worthwhile thinking about the two distinct roles that each person in a team must play: the functional role and the psychological role. The functional role consists of the actual skills and knowledge that a person brings to the group, whereas the psychological role has more to do with their personality, and the kind of person they are.

In years past, businesses paid far more attention to the skill role, and either very little attention or no attention at all to the psychological component. Today it is acknowledged that the best teams are comprised of individuals who bring the right skills to the group, and who also have the right personalities to work well with others in the group.

What kind of personalities?

The skills component of a team member’s contribution is fairly self-evident, but the right personality needed by a team member is not nearly so obvious. The kinds of personality traits which work best in a team setting are some oft the following:

• innovative thinkers 

• people who pay attention to detail 

• people who are attuned to others’ feelings and who can adapt to them 

• results-oriented persons who are good organizers, confident, and energetic 

• practical, emotionally stable, and prudent qualities  

If you can build a team of individuals who each bring a needed skill to the group, and who also have some of the best ‘team attributes’ in their personalities, this should be exactly the right mix for a very successful business team. For more team building tips, contact SkyBridge Capital today!