If you’ve never considered it for your small business, consumer financing is something you should take a hard look at, because it offers some tremendous benefits for retailers. Described below are some of the chief reasons why consumer financing can be a big boost to your small business, and can help you grow to the level you have always wanted for your company.

Consumer financing provides greater purchasing power

When you make consumer financing available to your customers, it will have the effect of significantly increasing the number of eligible buyers of your products. People who don’t have the cash on hand to make purchases will now be able to buy, because their purchases can be financed over time. It’s also true that consumers tend to make bigger purchases when they’re being financed, as opposed to what they might buy with cash on hand.

Consumer financing represents no risk to your business

One of the great things about consumer financing is that it represents no risk to your business, even if customers don’t pay for the purchases. When you arrange with a financing partner for consumer financing, you get paid for all purchases by your partner within days of the actual purchase. The financing partner assumes the responsibility of collecting the money from your customers.

The program is very easy to set up

Since there are no upfront costs for establishing a consumer financing program, there is little or no expense involved. All the real details are managed by your financing partner in establishing a consumer financing program. So as far as you’re concerned, there’s absolutely no hassle involved in getting a program going. All you have to do is relax, and wait for those increased revenues to start pouring in.

Financing with Skybridge Capital Group

Many times, businesses are prevented from achieving the kind of growth desired simply due to a lack of needed funding. There may be ways we can assist with the financing your company needs, and if you contact us at Skybridge Capital Group, our financial specialists can discuss options with you for obtaining the funding which will help you accomplish your business objectives.

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